Vatnsdalsfjall, northern Iceland Painted Hills, Oregon central Patagonia, Chile Cove Palisades, Oregon field trip recon, Oregon coast Lago Posadas section, Argentina sunset, central Australia

Postdoctoral fellow - Terrestrial paleoclimate and mountain building

How have mountain ranges, and the climates they are bathed in, changed through time? I study terrestrial paleoenvironments to discover what they mean for tectonics, biology, and human society. I primarily use records of light stable isotopes from sediments, soils, and organic molecules, in a context of field observations and data from sedimentology, atmospheric science, and other disciplines.

Contact me

Email david dot colwyn at colorado dot edu

Department of Geological Sciences
University of Colorado - Boulder
UCB 399
Boulder, CO 80309-0399


September 2018: Back from a great field season in Alaska and settling in at CU-Boulder. Alaska is a special place.

July 2018: Busy getting ready to move to University of Colorado to study high-latitude paleoclimate.